H16Y 35: Software Development: Data Structures

Data structures are used in all but the simplest developments and hence are a topic that you will need to understand if you want to develop software applications.

The Unit starts by allowing you to explore how different types of data are stored in computer systems and how the use of standards allows data to be transferred from one system to another system.

The Unit then introduces you to a range of data structures that can be used to store collections of data and illustrates how these can be used to implement some common abstract data types such as Queues and Lists. You will also be shown how the efficiency of searching for and sorting data can be improved using a range of algorithms. This should help you enhance your own skills in using and developing algorithms.

dreamstime_s_7105008 Data Structures

The final Outcome of the Unit will allow you to further enhance your programming skills by teaching you how to use the generic collection class libraries provided in development environments. These skills are essential if you want to be able to program object oriented

The Unit is assessed using three assessments. The first assessment is a knowledge based assessment that helps to ensure that you have the background knowledge required to develop skills in using data structures. The second assessment looks at your ability to follow an algorithm. The final assessment consists of a number of implementation exercises that enable you to develop your implementation skills.

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